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Quality Digest

Larry and Dirk Dusharme of Quality Digest discuss rekindling the spirit of hospitality in your company. You remember the days of hospitality, right? Civility, outstanding service, servant leadership? They may be in hiding, but we can get them back.


Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast - "The Spirit of Hospitality"

Nationally distinguished host Diane Helbig from the Accelerate Your Business Growth podcast was kind enough to invite Larry on her podcast to discuss the impact of "The Spirit of Hospitality" across the business world. Listen to what Larry has to say about business growth through The Spirit of Hospitality in this episode of "Accelerate Your Business Growth".

keynote & upcoming Speaks

Keynote & Recent Speaks

Recent Keynote & Speaks

Oct. 8-10 - 2019 GFBE (Global Food & Beverage Expo) in Las Vegas

The Governor of Tourism Pierre, South Dakota

The Governor of Tourism Nashville, TN

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