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“Larry’s passion for the delivery of exceptional hospitality is evident throughout this inspirational and entertaining book.  His expertise, born of real-world experience with some of the most revered brands in the business, rewards readers with practical examples of ‘dos and don’ts’ that are definitely worth sharing. This is a must-read for practitioners who want to sharpen their service game … or motivate their staff to deliver this ‘spirit’ every day.”

Peter C. Yesawich, PhD Vice-Chairman, Emeritus MMGY Global


“Larry has written a wonderful and inspiring book based on a wealth of real life endeavors. Not theory or observation, but from being ‘on the line’ and totally committed every time. His words come from the heart and are shared because his life's mission is to help those with the same burning passion to provide genuine hospitality to the world. His hard-earned wisdom and great insight are invaluable to those of us that share this passion. This is a must-read book for anyone devoting their lives to our wonderful industry.”

Bob Reppin, Director of Operations Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort & Spa, Emeritus F&B Director World Disney World Dolphin


“Larry Stuart is blessed with an irrepressible personality, a sterling integrity, a profound understanding of the business world, and an unrelenting desire to make this world a better place. Upon these pages, he pours out his wisdom in such a clear and inviting way that this book should find its way into the hands of every business leader who desires to build a great business. The book is chock full of practical advice and easy-to-grasp principles. Larry writes, ‘Personally, I would like to know I’ve left a legacy of serving those I’ve known with love and generosity. I’d like to know I’ve passed my spirit of hospitality on to those coming behind me so they, too, can bless others with their service.’ With this remarkable book, Larry Stuart has accomplished his mission!”  

Dr. Howard Edington, Long-Time Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Orlando


“Larry is a very likeable, sincere professional who generously shares his candid vision, experiences, and timeless advice, supported by anecdotes which explain the basic fundamentals required to excel in the services industries. We have never been more competitive, delivering unique guest experiences from every nuance and brand imaginable. It’s easy to forget the subtleties and frosting on the cake of life if we don't have the basics ingredients and recipes correct. This easy-read page-turner should be required reading for anyone considering entering the provision of guest service experiences. It’s an exemplary text for improving team performance sustainably through investing in a strong foundation.”

John Berndt, Emeritus President Cipriani Hotels, VP Marco Polo Hotels, SVP Operations F&B Caesars, GM Ritz Carlton


“In The Spirit of Hospitality, Larry takes readers on a unique journey into the world of hospitality. This is a must-read primer for anyone who is searching for proven guidelines to improve standards of service. During my entire career life, I read several books and hundreds of articles related to leadership and how it impacts hospitality. I am convinced this book will change - in a positive way - how to enhance guest service, something that, in today’s world, is broken. Larry’s knowledge and charisma has helped many nurture a valuable relationship of trust and respect that help us discover the way to teach our entire staff exceptional quest service principles. The spirit instilled in this book is alive. Read it, and read again. It will be your compass!”

Lucio Arancibia CEC-AAC, Emeritus Executive Chef Excalibur Hotel & Casino, VP of F&B MotorCity Hotel & Casino


Reading Larry’s new book “ the Spirit of Hospitality “ took me back many years, to the opening of the Walt Disney World Dolphin, where Larry developed and honed much of his philosophy on service. He along with his teammates helped make a culture that swept up our staff and manager’s alike and created an atmosphere unlike any I have experienced since. “The Spirit of Hospitality “ will enthrall you with the possibilities and instill not only the importance of the basics, but the value re-inventing and stretching every day and the formula Larry developed that inspired this book.

Michael D. Welly Past General Manager Walt Disney World Dolphin, President Cairn Hospitality and Wellness Consulting


“A true professional. Larry values his professional team members to create long-term winning formulas, which stand the test of time. The Spirit of Hospitality is a culmination of a lifetime of hospitality. The successful team approaches are applicable across a wide range of industries. The Spirit of Hospitality serves as the gold standard for customer service.”

Robert B Shapiro Financial Expert, CPA, ABV, PA


“The Spirit of Hospitality reflects the extensive experience, passion, and generosity of its author. Larry Stuart has masterfully highlighted the benefits of creating a culture of genuine hospitality, which can, if internalized, reap tremendous individual and collective rewards. As a compendium of life-long examples, this work reveals a treasure trove of proven theories and common-sense practices. It is truly an indispensable read for every culinary/hospitality student, as well as for seasoned restaurant and foodservice professionals.” 

Ferdinand Metz, President Emeritus The Culinary Institute of America

“I have had the privilege of knowing Larry Stuart from our Cornell school days. In this book, I found the invigorating and challenging friend of always. Clearly and convincingly, Larry provides encouragement and inspiration, motivating his readers with profound simplicity and truth. ‘A winning team is one whose members recognize that when one member of the team is successful, the entire team wins’ is Larry in one sentence.”

Roberto E. Wirth, President and Managing Director Hassler Roma


“This ‘spirit’ that Larry talks about in The Spirit of Hospitality came from his father and mother, who instilled in him kindness, humbleness, joy, peace, and - most of all - love. When I`m around Larry Stuart, there is a confidence that more people need to have in this dark world. Not only does he have confidence in believing that others can be better, he also has a servant’s heart. I am blessed that God brought us together over five years ago, and I`m honored that he calls me ‘His Pastor.’”

Herkie Walls ~ Former NFL player for Houston Oilers & Tampa Bay Buccaneers


“In The Spirit of Hospitality, veteran hospitality practitioner Larry Stuart has done a masterful job of introducing the sometimes-complicated aspects of creating a memorable “guest experience” in a way that both the veteran and the student will be well served by immersing themselves in the wisdom contained in its pages.”

John R. LaBruzzo, CHA Hospitality Expert, Emeritus VP Tampa Hard Rock & Casino & VP Tishman Hotel Corporation 


“I can honestly say that over my 35+ years of hospitality experience, I have never met an individual more passionate and enthusiastic in our field than Larry Stuart. When one meets him, it’s impossible not to immediately sense that this man loves everything about the hospitality world. It’s a part of his heart and soul! I am so pleased that Larry has been able to share his hospitality philosophies and passion in this wonderful book. I promise you that not only will you enjoy reading it, but following his direction will have a pronounced impact on you and your organization.”

Eric Rosenbaum, Emeritus VP Sierra Lodging, Inc.


"In all my 35 years plus as a practitioner & corporate customer service officer in the commercial aviation & ground transportation fields, I have never run across a more comprehensive and universal publication as The Spirit of Hospitality. From entry level to top leadership, I recommend Larry Stuart’s book as a must-have for your library, as it’s great for base-line training & use as a strategic planning tool in the art of customer service principles. Leaders and their teams would do well to always keep the Spirit of Hospitality nearby."  

Ron E. Brennan, Commercial Aviation Executive


“Whether setting a table with china and silver, crystal and linens, or paper plates and plastic flatware, the deliciousness of breaking bread and sharing the wine with others is a gift we must not ever lose. Through The Spirit of Hospitality, Larry Stuart is keeping the candle’s flame lit!”  

James W. Underwood, Retired Rear Admiral, US Coast Guard


“A must-read for every business owner, CEO, hotel or restaurant owner, pastor, or anyone whose career is dependent on working with the public. Larry Stuart really proves that hospitality is not the fluff you put on top of what you’re doing, but a mainstay part of your culture. As he says in the book, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” This book is a real eye opener.”

Daniel Needham, ChFC Past President New England Financial.

“For many years I've both witnessed and received Larry's hospitality as he has weaved it into his leadership skills. This book is a direct reflection of the practical tools that Larry uses in his own life and that you can easily implement into yours. It is full of practical tools that you can use to instantly empower the spirit of hospitality that’s hidden within us all. Larry takes his leadership skills and puts them into practical steps for you to follow and implement as a hospitality-driven leader.”  

Doctor David Uth, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Orlando

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